"Heat-Reflective Glass"
Cut out sunlight and ultraviolet rays with reflectance higher than double than Pure Raum with glass with metal coating.
It is a heat ray reflection glass with a higher quality decorativeness and functionality.

Features of Pure Raum

・Solar radiation, ultraviolet rays (UV) are cut more effectively than Pure Raum.

・By changing the thickness of the intermediate film, you can have the same crime prevention performance as our ROB GUARD 30 of crime prevention glass made by our company。

・Because the special metal film surface is the inner surface, it is excellent in durability.

・Because of laminated glass, it is excellent in soundproofing performance.

・By the ultraviolet cutting function, it is excellent in insect repellent effect.

・By using a colored interlayer film, you can add color to the glass and cut sunlight and ultraviolet light more effectively.