"Tempered Glass"

"Prevent injury accidents beforehand"

Tempered glass heats and quenches the float glass, and has a compressed layer on the surface. Compared with float glass of the same thickness wind resistance strength is 3 to 5 times, it is hard to break.

When general glass breaks, glass becomes a sharp cutting edge, and there is a possibility of hurting the human body.
Disasters caused by glass are common in small children and elderly people. If such an accident happens by any chance, if it is "Tempered Glass" the fragments will become small granules and there is no worry of serious injury. Tempered glass is adopted for school, office, department store, skyscraper, door glass, as well as housing.

It is a high-performance glass that achieves high safety to prevent accidents and injuries caused by the glass.
On the other hand, cracked glass will lose defense and you can not expect crime prevention performance.

■ Safety
Even if it breaks, fragments will become fine granules, and sharp debris like normal glass will not occur. For this reason it can prevent large injuries caused by debris.

■Heat resistance
It has about 3 times the strength against sudden temperature change.

■ Strength
Compared to glass of the same thickness, it has 3 to 5 times the strength. * Plate thickness: mm (Patterned glass 4 mm)